Risking it?

In order to be different, you need to choose different. Change is not easy, if it doesn't come from mind, body and soul

Are you making the most of your time?

Time is the most expensive commodity that is available to us, yet everyone has the same amount of time every day, week or year. The people who have the keys to a successful living, are the ones who have managed to optimize what they have.

Silent killers…

As individuals, we constantly find ourselves chasing money, dreams, passion, happiness and a lot more. No matter what we chase, we outcome is pretty much similar, we find ourselves absorbed into this great superficial life! Regardless of where you come from, or how young or old you may be, I am sure that you all …

My Istanbul experience..

Seeing is believing, everyone could do with a little more love and blessing from above

Dad, I wish you were here!

I hope that someday, my daughter would feel the same way about me