What does Success mean to you?

Dictionary – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Living in the world today, we millennial’s have been constantly and consistently struggling on this road to success, but in actual how many of us have managed to achieve this?

The reason for this question is, how many of us know “what” are we chasing? Yes! whilst growing up, our parents and society has given us an idea of what life should be. Get a good education, get a job, get married, raise a family only to pass on the same morals to our children. The circle goes on and on. In this theory of life, only few get to see their hearts desires served to them on a platter. While for the majority, the sun rises only present them with a fresh load of chores, struggles and responsibilities.

Well in this unfair journey (for most), sadly, we are all victims of our own choices. Life didn’t take over, we allowed it to. It’s important to first know what you want from life, then the next step is how to get it. Everything else in between are your choices. If you really want it, you will!

Remember, that in order to get somewhere (anywhere), we need to take the first step forward, the rest will follow.

If you are someone that is in search for happiness, love, being financially independent, or even start a family, the list can go on… There isn’t anyone out there who is not chasing something. But remember, you cannot reach anywhere, if you don’t take the first step forward.

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