You gotta start somewhere…

You cannot dream yourself into a character , you need to hammer and forge yourself into one!

~Henry David Thoreau

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Lets start this post by telling you a short story.

There was a sincere, dedicated and hard working wood cutter who lived in a small village. He would regularly cut trees from the forest and sell the wood at the local market. As the days went by he noticed that no matter however much harder he worked, the amount of wood that he was able to collect kept reducing. Stressed about the situation, he decided on talking to a learned friend about the issue. The friend offered to accompany the wood cutter while he was going into the woods to see if he could help resolve this mystery.

Three days later, the learned friend, sat the wood cutter down and explained to him. The problem wasn’t about the labor that was being put in. But, as each day went by, the axe gradually was losing its sharpness. The learned friend suggested that the wood cutter sharpen his axe frequently so that he would maintain or increase his produce.

The moral of this story is the same when we reflect on our own lives, we are so caught up in our day to day activities, that we frequently forget to refuel our levels of energy or invest in ourselves to keep up with time.

In order to be successful in our areas of responsibility, we need to keep increasing our knowledge and also applying it to our daily life.

Everyone is blessed with the same amount of time in a day, but arguably how we use our energy respectively is very different. This is where you need to ask yourself on how the spare time and energy in your life is being invested?

Here are some tips that have helped me manage my time and energy.

  • Learning to say “No”.
  • Removing toxic people from my life.
  • Staying clear from negative people. They are energy drainers
  • Pray daily
  • Staying emotionally disconnected from things that do not matter. You have better things to invest your energy and focus on.
  • Controlling your emotions, this messes with your head
  • Try to read at least 15 – 20 mins daily (the more frequently you attempt, the easier it gets, try increasing the time once you have achieved the 15 – 20 mins.
  • Hear audio books or podcasts (the days I am too lazy to read) *they are freely available online
  • Explore and invest in learning about areas that interest you

In today’s day and age, you are surrounded by knowledge that is waiting to be explored. Any and every topic that you may be interested in, has hundreds of videos on YouTube or write ups that could be found by a simple online search. You can find similar minded people on social groups on facebook and where there tons of information and activities. No matter whichever stage you are at in your life, there is always someone who is facing a situation or asking the same questions, you are never alone.

Never be ashamed or embarrassed to ask a question that’s on your mind, once answered, you have successfully increased your knowledge by knowing something new. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

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