Make space for yourself..

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We keep talking about things like emotional breakdowns, depleted self esteem, depression etc. Yes! all invisible, but lethal pit holes of our daily lives that are ready to swallow us whole.

When left to take on life’s fiercest battles, we experience, that with every step forward, there will be an ever growing amount of pressure trying to pull us back. It’s just like a plane trying to take flight.

The most common fear I hear of, is the fear of failure, the fear of uncertainty, and most ridiculous of them all is “what will people say or think“. This dilemma of an emotion debate does nothing more than hold you captive to your own self. Succumbing to the negative of this emotion would be a result of everything that you were never meant to be.

Nevertheless, before, you experience true happiness, you would need to create room within yourself for happiness to be manifested and here is what I did:

I disposed of all the things that were holding me captive and set ground rules for myself. Since then, if something doesn’t benefit me or make me grow, its not worth my time, money nor emotions. I just let it go!

Every now and again its important to go back to the drawing board and ask yourself, what makes ‘you’ happy? When answering this, I wouldn’t recommend dwelling on the petty things that last for just a few moments and dissappear into thin air. For me happiness is something that is very personal and no one else, apart from me can determine what really matters in my life. I recommend the same for you too.

Now, knowing the difference between change and progress is crucial. Everyone has heard the phrase “the only thing that is constant, is change!“, and that is true! For instance being born, growing old or the family that you are born into, can be considered as elements of change, but have you had any control or influence on these events? I guess not. After all somethings in life are inevitable.

But on the other hand, “progress“, the positive and controlled element of change, which is well within your proximity. To name a few; getting healthier, richer, living better or happier, is some of elements that you can achieve, by influencing your life with strategic tweaks that could improve your quality of life overall.

Coming back to the example used earlier, the plane may have experienced tremendous pressure during it’s take off, but once it was up in the air, its soared as magnificent steel bird, way above the eagles and the clouds, experiencing the best views that this world could offer! The turbulence of life is not going to last forever. You need to rise up and take control of the steering wheel of ‘your’ life.

The road to a better you, should always be customized to “you” and for you only. Remember, you’re not trying to keep up with the family next door. Their level of success may be very different from what you’re seeking or currently experiencing. For more details on understanding success, you may see my previous blog “What does success mean to you?“.

Share your thoughts and comments about what you think success means to you and what is your biggest challenge stopping you to from achieving it.

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