From Employee to Entrepreneur

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Organizations today understands the need to grow organically. Searching for ideas and ways, to improve business, save cost, increase efficiency, enhance employee engagement and many other area of focus. However, most employees do not exercise the liberty to think and act beyond the expectations of their desk.

According to me, these platforms can be used as an ideal opportunity for employees to boost their personal recognition, display ideologies or business aptitude. These areas can be considered as nurseries for developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

In reality, every idea may not brilliant nor is the possibility of every business being successful at it’s first attempt. With that said, developing an attitude of resilience and determination will get you beyond the daily safe haven of your desk. Consider every open problem as an opportunity to solve, train your mind to think of solutions, continuously, practicing this trait could soon develop into a fruitful character.

Taking small steps and acting on what you believe in, will definitely take you places. No change is has ever known to happens overnight so perseverance plays an important role here.

A question to ask yourself – Does anything worth having, comes with ease?

Once developed, the entrepreneurial spirit could be limitless! At your employment, your new found potential could get opportunities with greater responsibilities, in turn improved revenue and appreciation. It also gives birth to new visions for a better you, visions to invest and harvest your energy and resources from various platforms of interest, allowing you to generate multiple sources for passive income, rather than depending on just one.

The take away being that are always more problems than solutions. Become a problem solver. Get involved and make the difference!

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