Life… a choice!

To an extent, almost, everyone reading this blog, has at some point of their life, witness their dreams fly by, while they are caught up simply battling life!. Undoubtedly, I’m no stranger to this feeling. I very well know the pain of being stabbed by the emotional knife of helplessness.

When life dictates it’s terms to you and you’re left with no other choice, but lay back and enjoy it… An ideal vacation, I say! Adversities in itself are merciless, it’s indeed the survival of the fittest out there. The question is how ready are you to handle the next punch that life’s going to throw at you?

Life as we know it, has its own motion. Like after every sunset, comes sunrise, only to be followed by just another sunset again, for us, this circle would continue for as long as we are alive to witness it. Putting our own life into context, the same phenomenon applies. The ups and downs are just ways to remind us of how vulnerable we are to circumstantial life.

So understanding that there is no escape, we are faced with two options, surrender or equip ourselves to minimize the impact. Conditioning ourselves to make the best of every situation is a choice that only we can make independently. You would soon start to see the beauty that comes with the night sky. It’s only in the darkest skies, you’re able to see the magic of the sparkling stars. Anything is ordinary until you make it grand.

For me, strangely, hitting rock-bottom was probably one of the biggest blessing that I experienced. It made me realize the untapped potential, of a once rusting mind. A hungry stomach makes you think of food, much more that a filled one. Knowing that in order to rise again, I needed to drag myself out of my own pity party and start acting on what I believed in. I made a decision of clearing the clutter and offloading the excess baggage that was upon my shoulders. I needed to stay focused and determined and walk the narrow path, the journey that I chose for myself. A journey where I no longer needed to be a puppet to life’s bouts.

Here I am, almost four years into this journey, from a point of losing hope to a point where I am able to tell you that it’s over only when “YOU” say it’s over!

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