The Power of Faith..

When I was young, wild and strong, the world seemed to be my playground. Just like my parents and the families in my neighborhood, I decided to step out and conquer the world, in the best way that made sense to me. I got myself a decent job, gradually moved up the ranks, got married and soon started a family. My confidence levels peaked. I soon started to believe that everything that “I” created was good. For the most part of it, my ambitious self, fueled my ego, leaving me with the feeling of being unstoppable.

But well, all good things don’t last forever, soon reality kicked in and after a series of bad decisions, my world was shaken. Emotional turmoil was on the rise and the economics at home was in its free fall. My egoistic, narcissists self was confronted with reality. I struggled with the question hovering around me, ” Could the ‘I’ ever save the ‘me‘”?

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With little to bargain and the odds stacking up against me. I started to look at any and every resource that was available to me. During the days of my introspection, I felt a constant nudge, directing me towards my Faith. In spite of coming from a Christian background, hope and faith in God, was a topic that was frequently taken for granted. I saw my character more like a crusader than a believer. Nevertheless, please understand that this post has nothing to do with me trying to sell you my faith. I firmly believe that faith is something that works better when its freely chosen rather than an enforced influence.

Picking up on the intuition of fixing my relationship with the Almighty, was something that I felt, I needed at that point. With thousands of voices within my head contemplating if this action was out of desperation or actually of something divine. The only way for me to find the answer was to literally give it a try.

Somewhere about this time, a cherished friend, spontaneously relayed the inspirational story of how David overcame Goliath. The story inspired me tremendously, it made me envision the magnitude of David’s faith, his courage to take that first step forward. David’s coming out of this battle untouched, was a sheer example of the wonders that could be established in our lives, should we have the right faith and also the right attitude to give credit to where it belongs.

Since then, I use this example every time I am about to walk into my battlefield. With a heart filled with faith and the chest full of courage, placing one step ahead of the next, I walk right in and face my challenge. I am confident that if I do my bit, the rest will be taken care of by the Almighty.

Believe in what you need to and do what you have to, if the desire is strong and the reason is right, the world will conspire to make it happen. God Bless!!

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