Lessons from the warzone…

Truth be told, I have never been close to the fringes of a battlefield, I don’t even see myself courageous enough to go anywhere near one. But a long time ago and the closest I’ve ever been to a battlefield was through the words of a man, who lived to tell his tale.

In the early days of my career, I was fortunate to meet an exceptionally great personality, who was filled with wisdom and charisma. It was clearly visible that he had developed into this character by a investing a sheer amount of dedication and passion in everything that he did. Through our journey and out of all the wisdom and stories he passed on, here is one that still resonates.

As a patriot, he always wanted to serve his country and was fortunate to have the opportunity to do so. He joined the army and just like every individual, he too was rigorously trained and prepared, so that he could manage his anxiety when the moment was upon him. Now, when the time came, for him to go to the forefront and face the enemy on battleground, it was like his dream come true. What better way to serve his country?

On the battle field, the moment when the first bullet whizz past his face, missing him by inches. He realized that this is no longer a dream but reality as loud and clear. Though this was his very first time out there, there was no time for him to reason or make sense of what he needed to do. In that moment, all he knew was that he needed to choose, survival or death.

He picked up his rifle and started firing back fiercely. For he knew that the only way forward, was to fight. It was up to him, his rifle and his God who could get him through that day. Charging ahead with his unit, they pressed forward aggressively. That day, he experienced first hand the true meaning of trust and loyalty. Where his life depended not only on himself but also the brothers in arms, that stood beside him. The brothers, who had his back, no matter how hard the fight got and in return his impulsive outburst of selflessness, making sure, that he would do all he could, so that no brother would be left behind. This gallant display of teamwork, unconditional support from each other, helped them see the glory they deserved. Their very first battle, their very first victory and the very first moment of a relationship that would last forever.

Of course, at that time when I heard the story for the first time, I was pretty immature and insensitive. I viewed this story as just another heroic tale of a few selfless people who put their lives on the line everyday, living out their passion in a weird and eccentric way. But as time went by and with every time I replayed this story in my head, I saw a new learning and an ever growing respect for these men on duty.

From this story, I’ve learned that, no matter how prepared you maybe for any situation in life, you should still expect the unexpected. ~Learning to be flexible, gives you the edge to flow with the storm.

There will always be times in your life, when thing will get real and you will need to make tough decisions. ~ Always choose the things that lead you to life. It leads on to greater things, It maybe so that at that moment, it may not be visible, but be rest assured, it will come to pass!

You do not need to think too much, you need to act on your problem, else it will kill you.

Sometimes the things you have are the only things than you need to get you through the storm. ~ Make the best of the resources you have within your reach.

You need trustworthy people in your life, who you can depend on. But remember, in order to gain trust, you need to be trustworthy yourself. ~ Invest in meaningful and the right relationships.

Battles are won, when “you” have it all together.

Most importantly, trust in your Maker, know that he can take you through the darkest of storms.

This story, puts so much meaning into the respect I now have for all those who sacrifice their own needs, putting their lives on the line everyday, just so people like you and me and live safely in our bubbles. I was fortunate to meet and know a few such real life hero’s, their contribution to us, can never be repaid! #respect. Salute!!

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