Is the pursuit of happiness considered crazy?

The land where the streets glittered and the buildings tore into their skies, the land with opportunities that could probably be bigger than your imagination.

I was considered crazy!

My family and a few of my friends thought I was going nuts, when I told them about my ambitious plan of overhauling my life, a complete reboot!.

Though, I had managed to tick mark almost all the areas, that a man of my age needed to achieve, but somewhere deep down inside, I wasn’t content with me. I wore a smile and did my thing. In my opinion, I think I did a pretty good job convincing the world with the flamboyant life that I was living. The parties, the expensive alcohol, and the glitter and glamor that came with it. But sadly, I could never convince myself of this façade. After the fun was over and once the day dawned, the emptiness filled me.

I knew that, If I couldn’t be happy with myself, I would never be able to make anyone else happy. I needed to do something different and I needed to do it fast. I couldn’t allow myself to deteriorate with each passing day. I didn’t want to become a liability sinking in my own sand. This is when I decided to snap out of my pity party and be spontaneous, audacious  and explore the unfamiliar territories.

I knew that I was attempting an ambitious ordeal. Considering the fact that I would be way out of my comfort zone with no guarantee of success of any kind. I yet, chose to give it all up and start afresh. As every though gives birth to an action, I started to seek opportunities that were within my grasp (or so I thought).

Now, just as any other, I too, found the grass greener on the other side. Surprisingly, this grass was right in the middle of the dessert. I soon quit my job and directed all my energy on pursuing my dream job abroad! With little knowledge and tons of expectation, I arrived in the land of milk and honey. The land where the streets glittered and the buildings tore into their skies, the land with opportunities that could probably be bigger than your imagination. Everything seemed perfect, until I realized that this change was going to take more that what I bargained for!

In this new world, I realized, that along with the playing field, my competition also stepped up many fold. I was now competing in an international market with dreamers from all parts of the globe. I needed to step up my game or else I had no chance of survival. In this stint of time and after a great magnitude of persistence, a few opportunities did came by, but hardly anything stood out. Month after month of nothing was quickly diminishing my reserves. My over ambitious mind started to question all the logical reasoning that I believed I had.

I soon started to feel my confidence on free fall and my dream job, was just a fading dream and to survive all as needed was a job, any job! At this point of life, when I almost reaching my lowest, I was offered an opportunity that had a payout, that would barely buy me peanuts. I strategically decided to make this my last push for better and allow the result to decide my faith. I aggressively negotiating my package, with an attitude that screamed out positivity and confidence and yet, behind the screens, I’m trembling more and more with every time I said, “This isn’t enough“.

As the saying goes”fortune favors the bold”, and for some unknown favor seen from above. I managed to almost tripple my package. Though not the best, it was certainly better than before.

Now, while I’m almost signing up on this compromise, I randomly, received a call from a great organization, though this opportunity was in the neighboring city. The opportunity was way greater in every aspect compared to the offers I seen so far. This was an absolute no brainer. I accepted immediately and moved on… a step closer to that dream job and the reality of my side of the grass getting greener..

The company was great, it had great potential and most importantly, I had an opportunity to learn and improve myself. For the initial part of this chapter, it was long hard days and sleepless nights. I knew that in order to earn better, I needed to learn better. I saw these extra hours as an investment in myself.

Since then, I’ve moved on from that company to something greater. It’s been a little over three years in this land of milk and honey, the opportunities are still endless for those who take the effort to explore. it is indeed a blessing!

Since, my decision of overhauling my life, its been a bumpy road, but its been a journey worth savoring. I am blessed to feel the grace of the Almighty in my life and over my family. I am certain that I am better than I deserve.

Don’t be disappointed, if your hunch, or your intuition may not lead you to your destiny, sometimes have faith that these baby steps will place you right where you need to be, ready to catch and sail that next wave that comes by.

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