Silent killers…

As individuals, we constantly find ourselves chasing money, dreams, passion, happiness and a lot more. No matter what we chase, we outcome is pretty much similar, we find ourselves absorbed into this great superficial life!

Regardless of where you come from, or how young or old you may be, I am sure that you all have some kind of a bucket list that you are waiting to fulfill. Yet, quite frequently, we get stuck in the rut of our day-to-day lives.

For most of us, we often look back, cherishing the memories of childhood and sighing on the burdens of being an adult. In my opinion, every stage of life has its own pros and cons. However being an adult comes with real responsibilities and social obligations which can turn out to be pretty taxing.

Many people of my age or probably even younger, are falling prey to depression, so much so the numbers have elevated itself into a global pandemic. Mental health has become an important concern these days and it is being addressed on various focus groups around the world. I am glad that someone is choosing to do something in order to help support those who are burning out with the overburdening society that we live in.

This morning I was hearing an interesting podcast on Depression, where renowned journalist, Johann Hari shares his insights after years of research on the subject. He claimed to have fallen prey of this condition at a very young age. Having walk down that path himself, he was able to express his views from both dimensions. You should probably look him up on YouTube!

For me, it is clear. Humans have materialistic needs, as well as emotional needs. For the most part of it, we end up fueling our materialistic need more because it is easier controlled. For the part of managing the Emotional need, we are frequently dependent on the world around us.

Depression has a lot to do with managing your emotions. Now, imagine someone who has had a series of back to back disappointments in life verses someone who has not. Would you see both individuals being able to contribute to life and their surroundings in the same way? I guess not!

Emotional banks are harder to revive considering they are invisible to the eye and can easily be concealed by a happy appearance. The good news about this, is that almost all mental conditions can be fixed (if the cause is not medical). If the premise is predominantly related to an individual’s emotional state of mind, then all you need to invest in is some tender love and care with the person in concern.

In case you are that person who needs the help and is reading this now, then you need to push yourself to open up and allow the positives to flow through you. I know it’s easier said than done, but dwelling on a problem has gotten you to this point. Letting go, could set you free. Indulge in a new habit or awaken a forgotten passion and you would help yourself sore to the emotional heights that you need to be on, it’s within your control.

Remember, you cannot expect to brighten someone’s world, if you yourself struggle in the dark.

19 Replies to “Silent killers…”

  1. A heartfelt post. I resonate – we’re fulfilling material pleasures but there’s rarely space for emotional satiation. I was reading the headings for other posts, and I appreciate your depth and reflections on unfrequented topics of emotional well-being, I’m going to come back and read some more of your posts soon. Subscribed! 🙂

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  2. I can honestly say I get the blues sometimes thinking about stuff like this, but I know I will eventually do what I set out to do! Everyone does things differently at each stage of their life. This was a great read.

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  3. Depression is tough to explain, whether you’re experiencing it from within or as a spectator. My sister is bipolar. She was diagnosed in high school and it was really tough for the family–and through the years we’re kinda careful with her and she hates that. When my Papa died, I think we all got sorta depressed, but I watched her closely because I had to make sure she was coping (in her version of well).

    She has her ups and downs. She had her ways of coping. I guess I really hope she will be fine even when I cannot be with her. Because yes, it is a silent killer.


    1. I really do hope and pray that all is well with your sister. I’m no expert on the subject, but I do notice that we as individuals, all have certain trigger that sets of our emotions in either directions, once these triggers are recognizable it somewhat becomes easier to handle. Of course this is my personal opinion and I could definitely like to have inputs from someone who is more qualified on the subject


  4. I first found Johan Hari on the podcast you mention, which led me to get his 2nd book Johan Hari, Lost Connections! Makes so much sense and a great read!! He talks of the reasons why people feel disconnected in society and why addictions and depression is on the rise. Highly recommend it!

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  5. It is said that we live in a society where we are told to express our own troubles. We have to lock away. Everyone needs to help everyone and help people to get out tough times. We need to raise each other up.

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  6. I have a friend who have depression. According to him, he didn’t know how and when it started but he noticed that he started avoiding things that he used to like – his hobbies and interests. He also told me that he hopes that people understand that he doesn’t like having depression and instead of giving them advice, people should learn how to listen. Insightful post!

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  7. 2 years ago, i started working as and expat. And living in another country made me so depressed, iam an introvert so it was hard for me to make friends. But i am good now, i found great friends that i can talk about.

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