Are you making the most of your time?

Ever feel limited or boxed in just because there you don’t have enough time? Are you not being able to take care of all the important stuff that’s going on in your life? Have you been missing family time or social events that you would have otherwise loved to be a part off? Well, then this post is definitely for you.

A few years ago, I recall coming across an article that spoke on the lines of time management. This article gave me a totally different perspective on how we could manage time and honestly, I hope that I would be able to relay my understandings, in a manner that does justice.

After doing some retrospecting, I began to realize the amount of time that was available to me versus what was being utilized.  The recommendation on here, if implemented in the appropriate manner, could have a resounding effect on one’s personal and professional life. Read on to see if you can relate to the mentions on this post.

Most of us complain that our jobs tend to take a toll on our lives, leaving us with little or no time for us to enjoy the things that actually matter. Eventually, we find ourselves gravitating into the pit hole of disappointments and probably even lead on into depression.

I was there in that pit hole myself, so I resonate on the emotional turmoil that is associated.

For the most part of it, we are programmed to see ourselves revolving around a daily schedule, limiting our purview to just the 24 hours that are available to us. In the wrap of this tunnel vision, we miss that there are weeks, month or even years to do what needs to be done. By saying this I do not mean that your to do list keeps getting pushed out, but spacing out the “must do” in a timely and effective way.

When we broaden our vision to look beyond the 24 hour cycle, we could see the presence of a bigger slate ready to be written on! For example if we Look at the next time cycle, which is a “week”, it consists of 168 hours and suddenly compared to the 24 hours, this seem to be a lot more room to work with.

The normal lot, are generally consumed with a minimum of 40 hours per work week, depending on which part of the world you are coming from, you would either do a bit more or less hovering around the same number. When quantifying this time into a percentage, you would only be occupying about twenty one to twenty seven percent of your time respectively per week.

The next big time investment that is compulsory, is that you get sufficient rest for yourself.  Assuming that you would need to be sleeping 8 hours a day, which in total would consume about thirty-three percent of your time in the week. After collectively calculating the two most time consuming events of your week, you are left with a decent chunk of forty percent of the week to spare for yourself and the things that matter.

Now, a lot of you may bring up things like; there are loads of household chores or daily commute etc. When it comes for us to give excuses, we happen to be the most creative species to roam the face of earth. Again, there are always exceptions, there are some individuals who are over consumed with their responsibilities and that could be a write up for a different day but today we are predominantly trying to eradicate the excuses. Like I mentioned earlier, I used to sail the same boat but these days, I make a conscious effort to make the best of my time. So I’m going to illustrate as an example of how I multi-task with my commute time. I spend above a good 2 – 2.5 hours on the road everyday, I have chosen to consider this as my self time, I use it in ways that I invest in myself, here are a few things I do which could give you an idea of how these two and a half hours are utilized:

  • Connecting with friend and family over a phone call – staying connected.
  • Listening to audiobooks, pod casts, motivational content and anything that is of my interest – self development.
  • Self-time with my maker – staying connected with my faith.
  • Listen to music – no conflicts, I get to play what I love.
  • Do nothing at all – take a break from thinking.
  • Spend time with myself – enjoy my own company and reflect on how I can evolve to be a better me.

The idea here is that we all have a certain level of commitment to ourselves and to our surroundings. If we cannot make time for ourselves, the we will always find it hard to make time for anything else that matters, because there is nothing more important than “you” being at peace with yourself! It is evident that there is only so much we can do with our time, but how we do it makes all the difference.

Scheduling your week and being committed enough to meet those commitments will give you a substantial head start on achieving your aspirations. The only one that can help “you” see a better version of you, is you!  

You need to realize, that whenever, you are chasing your dreams, you are never really living it. So stop scrambling around in pursuit of getting it all right. Take a step back, evaluate and plan your priorities, so that you are actually cherishing every moment that is meant to be cherished.

Good luck in getting more from life!